Shaelyn Killoh


   Friday, August 10        7 PM​

   Saturday, August 11    2 PM

   Saturday, August 11    7 PM

   Somers High School

   5 Vision Blvd, Somers, CT



       Brooke Sharland
       Celina Rafala
       Jillian McKay 
       Sierra Jones    
       Samantha Fancher      
       Maria Ceppetelli


      Josh Barry                  
      Caroline Martorelli     
       Mia Hernandez          
       Lilliana Rios               
       Emily Chagnon          
       Makenna Halligan      
       Kinsey Loupe             
       Emilie Morrissette     
Lollipop Guild:

       Josh Barry                      
       Brandon Hwalek                    
       Mason Germain
Lullaby League: 

        Sarah Mothes 
        Ellianna Brooks
        Natalie Freidrich

Wizard of Oz

*****************   CAST   *****************

NOTE:  Please read carefully.  Many are cast in multiple roles!

Choreography Taylor Rae Molina

Copyright 2018. SRO Productions. All rights reserved.


*****************   CREW   *****************

        Rhiannon Grimmett
        Madison Howell
        Natalie Friedrich        
        McKenna Halligan
        Maria Ceppetelli
        Samantha Fancher
        Josh Barry
        Emily Chagnon          
        Alex Barry
        Brandon Hwalek
        Ellianna Brooks
        Liliana Rios
        Caroline Martorelli

         Anne Morrissette
          Madison Howell
          Taylor Molina
          Brooke Sharland
           Angelina Miller
           Abby Neal
           Maria Ceppetelli

           Kai Armstrong
           Kinsey Loupe
           Celina Rafala
           Mason Germain
           Sarah Mothes
           Mia Hernandez
           Jonathon Palmatier

Dorothy:Jenna Castonguay       
Scarecrow:Aimee Meunier

Tin Man: Shawn Germain 
Cowardly Lion:Michael Benoit

Aunt Em: Anne Morrissette
Uncle Henry: Matthew Benoit 
Joe:  Brooke Sharland
Silas: Rhiannon Grimmett

Glinda: Tory Hatcher 
Wicked Witch: Kayleigh Droney
Tibia: Kai Armstrong
Sarah: Celina Rafala
Mombi: Maria Ceppetelli
Mini-Witch: Emilie Morrissette

Munchkin Mayor: Alex Barry
Munchkin Coroner: Abby Neal
Munchkin Barrister: Samantha Fancher
Munchkin Farmer: Jonathon Palmatier

The Wizard of Oz: Matthew Benoit
Oz Lady: Angelina Miller
Foremost General: Madison Howell
Private: Emilie Morrissette
Lord Growlie: Anne Pelrine
Gloria: Sierra Jones
Gloria’s Girlfriends:  Jillian McKay
                                   Maria Ceppetelli

                                   Rhiannon Grimmett

                                   Brooke Sharland
Ozmas: Taylor Molina

By L. Frank Baum
Adapted by Frank Gabrielson
With Music and Lyrics of the MGM motion picture score
by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg
Background Music by Herbert Stothart

(Full length MUNY Version)

    Music Director

Magdalena O'Brien

​Stage Manager

Emma Felix

Artistic Director

Mathew Rafala

Costumes: Kathy Schiessl, Doris Castro, Linda Preston, Deb Stone

Set:  Matthew Rafala, Paul Rafala, Emily Santanella, Michael Benoit, Dan O'Brien, Shawn Germain, Maria Ceppetelli, Brooke Sharland, Ellianna Brooks, Sam Fancher, Ali Raulukaitis

Props: Matthew Rafala, Magda O'Brien, Katie Hunt

Hair & Makup: Shaelyn Killohh, Taylor Molina, Ali Raulukaitis, Connor Sparrow 

Publicity: Matthew Rafala, Emily Santanella, Shaelyn Killoh, Magda O'Brien,

Kathy Welch

Box Office/Front of House: Cathy Gotta, Linda Preston, Sharon Renzoni, Kathy Welch

Lights and Sound: Bob Hall, Jenna Castonguay, Jared Cranna, Jessica Allard, Grace Majowicz, Sophie Jones 

Stage Crew:  Nicole Gosselin, Jess Pinney, Aidan Pinney, Elizabeth Hunt, Shaelyn Killoh, Ali Raulukaitis, Sarah Renzoni, Bryan Bushey

Choreography Tory Hatcher

Enjoy the theatre AT ANY AGE 

                      Non-profit, Youth and Family Community Theatre