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​JAMIE HEIN:                       Dr. Dolittle
WILL NARAGHI:                 Jip the Dog
SHAELYN KILLOH:             Chee–Chee the Monkey, Bailiff
MATTHEW RAFALA:           Polynesia the Parrot, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Jenkyns, Judge, Mr. Crabtree
ANNE MORRISSETTE:       Mrs. Endicott, Smokey the Cat, Kalooki the Monkey Queen,                                                                             Miranda the Bird, Jeka, Rat 1, Pirate 1
ANNE PELRINE:                 Mrs. Pollypiper, Clyde the Horse, Mish–Mosh the Monkey King,
                                            Theodosia Mugg, Shark 1
MICHAEL BENOIT:             Mr. Antonio, Monkey Guard 2, Matthew Mugg, Seka, Shark 2, Nigel the Dog
MATTHEW BENOIT:           Pushmi–Pullyu, Buzz the Mosquito, Rat 3, Pirate 2, Gull
CELINA RAFALA:               Sarah, Monkey Guard 1, Long Arrow, Rat 2, Ben Ali, Newsboy


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