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 ********************  SRO 2017 SUMMER SHOW ********************

Youth and Family Community Theatre

LIVE theatre where ALL shows are

G-Rated, wholesome entertainment.

Perfect for the WHOLE family!

​​Theatre for Young Audiences

and their Families!


       Thursday, Feb 9, 2017   

       Friday, Feb 10, 2017       

       Saturday, Feb 11, 2017

7:00 PM at Somers High School, Somers, CT 

Thank you to our Audiences  for coming to our show!

Thank you to our Benefactors, Sponsors, Patrons, Friends and Advertisers for your support!

Thank you to our Directors for your insight, help and talents!

Thank you to our Crew for your never ending work, skills and talents!

Thank you to our Cast for your excellent performances and tireless rehearsals!

Thank you to the Companies, Organizations and individuals who gifted or loaned us items!


The MEMBERSHIP has voted to produce ANNIE for  our next production.

We have applied for a venue.  

Once those dates are set, we can apply for a licensing contract with the publisher.

Once that is all approved, then we can determine dates for Auditions for cast     (ages 8 - 108) but auditions will be sometime in late May or early June.  

Rehearsals will begin after school is dismissed in June.



our benefactors

Enjoy the theatre AT ANY AGE 

                      Non-profit, Youth and Family Community Theatre

 ********************  SRO 2017 WINTER SHOW ********************